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Holding tank 300 gallons

The holding tank can hold a quantity of liquid up to 300 gallons for all your needs. The 300 gallon holding tank can be used on construction sites to collect wastewater or for septic use in secondary homes or during renovation. The 300 gallon holding tank is mainly used to collect liquids or wastewater.

The tank is easy to use, with a quick installation time, and is ideal for storing clean or wastewater.

  • Wastewater disposal, water filling, and concierge service: Delivery, pumping, and tank cleaning are available upon request.
  • Electricity: No need for electricity.
  • Water or sewer connection: The tank is self-sufficient, however, when it comes to plumbing connections, the customer is responsible for connecting the tank.
  • Capacity 300 gallons



Activity Area

Construction, Residential
Description Value
Depth 95 in
Width 53,5 in
Height 16 "
Tare Weight 130 lbs (58,5 kg)
Capacity 300 gallons
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