Conduit deicing

For deicing pipes, our trucks are equipped with water heaters of up to 1.2 million BTU that heat the water at the pump outlet to a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius).

This system fits 1/8'' to 1'' diameter hoses with a pressure of 2500 pounds plus a flow rate of up to 270 liters / minute (60 gallons / minute).

Hot water is frequently used as an alternative to boring. Whether to dislodge fat, thaw pipes or deice formwork or concrete decks, we have the equipment you need.

This type of process minimizes physical impact by instead using heat to dislodge the material.

Examples of the type of pipe deicing work requiring hot water:

  • Thawing conduits of all kinds (cesspools, septic tanks, excavation work, etc.)
  • Deicing roofs, drainpipes, gutters
  • Deicing construction structures (formwork, concrete deck or other surfaces)

Other applications 

  • Conduit (pipe) cleaning (restaurants, commercial centers, residential, etc.)

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