Pumping service

While some may think that all pumping is alike, for us, it represents a new challenge every time, which is why we must constantly modify our approach and our techniques.

We have very few limits when a client provides us with a request for work, whether the job is at depth (over 30 meters), at height or at distance (more than300 meters).

Any material, whether liquid, solid, dry or oily.

Sanivac has the equipment you need. The power (CFM), tank capacity (gallons / liters) and the variety of equipment will be up to the challenge of whatever your job demands.

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Examples of types of pumping:

  • Pumping of lift cylinder
  • Pumping oily water and oil separator contaminated with hydrocarbons.
  • Pumping dry and volatile material (flour, grain, cement, dust, sugar, silo)
  • Pumping of asbestos free insulation (blown fiberglass insulation and vermiculite)
  • Pumping of structures (catch basins, manholes, valve box and room)
  • Pumping drains
  • Pumping settling tanks (filtration / purification), sand separator and pumping stations
  • Pumping of drilling piles, etc.
  • Pumping septic tanks
  • Pumping grease traps
  • Pumping tanks in boats, ships and trains
  • Collection of factory dust
  • Also available: Rental of sealed container

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