Sewer cleaning service

With 50 years of experience in sewer cleaning, Sanivac is considered to be a leader in all types of sewer cleaning, whether commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal or residential.

The combination of state of the art equipment and the experience of our staff means the company has unparalleled expertise in cleaning all manner and diameter of pipes. Cleaning operations can be performed over varying distances depending on the access points.

Our technical consultants have over 30 years of experience and can provide you with the answer to all your cleaning and unblocking questions.

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Examples of type of cleaning:

  • Cleaning of sanitary sewer (domestic), storm and combined, both internal and external
  • Drain and culvert cleaning
  • Cleaning service lines (electric, cable, fiber optics, communication)
  • Cleaning production pipes in food, pharmaceutical and other plants
  • Cleaning structures (pits, manholes, valve boxes and rooms)
  • Cleaning garage drains and suspended pipes
  • Cleaning pump stations

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