Pumping station cleaning service

A pumping station is used to assist the movement in a sewer system.

The water is normally discharged from the sewer network to the main sewer by gravity, from where it is then transported to the processing plant.

The pumping station is required when gravity is not sufficient for adequate drainage. This consists of a room containing one or more pumps. The purpose of this facility is to pump the water coming from the sewer network and convey it to the main sewer despite the adverse slope.

This is the same principle as the "sump pump" that many residents have in their basement. To ensure the reliability of the installation, a preventive maintenance program (PMP) should be established.

The solid residues such as sand, rocks, grease, pieces of wood, etc. flowing into the sewer system are intercepted in the pumping station. It is therefore important to clear it out on a regular basis.

Improper maintenance could cause a malfunction of the pumps and float switches. If the pumps are stopped, the sewage will fill upstream and eventually spill over into residences and other locations.

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