Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

This kind of program is developed with the maintenance committee.

The advantage of preventive maintenance:

When investigating or analyzing the cause of a discharge or flood, we often find that either the lack of or improper maintenance is to blame. Preventive maintenance can minimize the risk of discharge or flood.

Preventive maintenance ensures the smooth running of facilities and provides managers insurance against financial losses which can be significant. It can be considered an investment.

The PMP minimizes:

  • Breakage and failure
  • Damage to property
  • Operating or service outages
  • Costs of emergency call out
  • Insurance and management costs

Steps for the establishment of a PMP

1. Draw up an inventory

1.1 As-built plans

1.2. Updated plans

1.3. List of access shafts

1.4. Visible identification of elements

2. Note critical elements and components

2.1. Determine the operating state of the elements

2.2. Associate a level of risk to the elements

3. Determine maintenance activities

3.1. Establish an annual maintenance budget

3.2. List the activities according to the element type and the season

4. Establish a schedule of activities

4.1. Frequency (high, medium, low)

5. Adjustments and monitoring

These proposed measures will help protect your infrastructure and the environment.

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