Grease trap draining service

The oil and grease interceptor, commonly called a grease trap, is a tank connected to the mains sewerage facilities where there is normally a kitchen or laboratory processing foods, such as restaurants, food establishments and institutions, etc.

The grease trap is used to retain and store fat particles and other food from sinks and dishwashers. This interceptor is an essential tool in the proper functioning of a kitchen. Regular maintenance of it is extremely important.

If the grease trap is not well maintained, the fat particles will end up in the outlet, creating a narrowing of the walls until it is almost completely obstructed.

If the outlet pipe is blocked, the tank will overflow and contaminated gray water will foul the interior through the floor drains, the sinks and the dishwashers.

We recommend our customers drain their grease traps according to a predetermined frequency based on the use and capacity of the holding tank. It is also important to perform cleaning of the ducts both downstream and upstream of the trap.

Our experienced technicians will be able to tell you the optimum draining frequency according to your needs. Find out about our preventive maintenance program.

Why should you trust Sanivac for the draining and cleaning of your grease trap?

  • Flexible hours to suit your needs
  • Automatic service routine according to the frequency required
  • Professional service, visual inspection, detailed report and recommendations included with each visit
  • Recovery of fat (e.g. energy production, etc.)
  • Inspection by mini camera with report and recommendations

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