VIP chemical toilet rental



Exterieure height 231 cm / 91 inches
Exterieure width 119 cm / 47 inches
Exterieure length 121 cm / 48 inches
Retention tank 227 liters / 50 gallons
Washbasin  227 liters / 60 gallons
Weight 110 kg / 243 lbs

VIP chemical toilets are the ultimate in toilet luxury for your events, weddings, meetings and more! Available for rent and equipped with all necessary amenities such as washbasin, soap and mirror, they are the most aesthetic of all the models. An interesting aspect is their flush action which incorporates a valve that hides the bottom of the tank. Give it a try, don’t miss out!


  • The most aesthetic superior quality portable toilet
  • Foot operated water flush
  • Valve hiding the bottom of the tank
  • Includes a washbasin, soap dispenser, paper towels and mirror
  • Compact Urinal (only available in the gray model)
  • Lock and key available on request
  • Lighting available on request (120-volt connection required)

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