Rental of urinal block

ilot-urinoir ilot-urinoir-interieur
Exterior height 235 cm / 92.5 inches
Exterior width 217 cm / 85 inches
Exterior length 235 cm / 92.5 inches
Weight 149 kg / 328 lbs
Cloth screen height 2.15 m / 84 inches
Cloth screen width 13.96 m / 156 inches

Our urinals blocks are exclusively for the use of men. Hexagonal in shape, they can be used by several persons simultaneously. During major events these are essential to avoid queues. The entrance has a screen for added discretion.


  • Hexagonal shape and very spacious
  • 5 individual urinals attached to the walls
  • 1135 liters (300 gal) retention tank positioned on the exterior
  • Cloth screen in front of the entrance marked ''Entry'' and ''Exit''

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