Rental of an insulated/heated chemical toilet

toilette-chimique-isolee toilette-chimique-chantier
Exterior height 231 cm / 91 inches
Exterior width 110 cm / 43.5 inches
Exterior length 119 cm / 47 inches
Retention tank 227 liters / 60 gallons
Weight 84 kg / 185 lbs

In winter, an insulated/heated chemical toilet is essential. When the thermometer drops below freezing, we recommend the use of this type of on-site toilet. The installation of internal insulating panels and the addition of an electric heater help keep the heat in, maximizing user comfort and minimizing the risk that the tank’s contents freeze.


  • The interior walls are covered with a white vinyl rigid insulation
  • Equipped with a floor heater (120-volt connection required)

Options with insulated / heated chemical toilets

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