Rental of chemical toilets for the work site

Exterior height 231 cm / 91 inches
Exterior width 110 cm / 43.5 inches
Exterior length 119 cm / 47 inches
Retention tank 227 L / 60 gallons
Weight 75 kg / 165 lbs

Our work site chemical toilets are available with a range of options to suit all construction site situations.

Our customer service staff will be happy to provide you with the toilet that suits your needs. A chemical toilet with a washbasin, or a separate portable washbasin, is a hygienic option that will be appreciated by your employees.

Our chemical toilets are easy to handle and have no connections. They are robust and easy to maintain. To determine the number of toilets or services required per number of users, see the FAQ section.

Options available with the work site rental toilet

  • Choice of color: blue or gray
  • Lighting available on request (120 volt connection required)
  • Lifting hook for handling by crane
  • Insulated / heated for colder seasons (120-volt connection required)
  • Latch and lock
  • With interior washbasin
  • The elevator toilet is a special option for tall building sites

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