About Sanivac

The company

Kelly Sani-Vac was founded in 1961 by John Kelly and his wife Josée Serrurier. Initially, the company's activities involved the emptying and installation of septic tanks. Gradually and with the involvement in the business of their sons Mark, Dennis, Patrick and Daniel, it diversified and today offers a more complete service with respect to the emptying and cleaning of urban infrastructure as well as offering a range of other services related to these activities.

Kelly Sani-Vac has a team of 75 employees and serves more than 20,000 customers in municipal, residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

Our devoted staff

Sanivac in action

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

To offer our customers a quality service at the best possible price while respecting the environment.

Sanivac exists to help create a better environment and to enable people to live in optimal sanitary conditions.

Our vision

The company is also sensitive to the fact that it has an important social role given that its operations support more than 200 people, the employees and their families, providing them with the financial capacity to enjoy a better quality of life.

The company also supports economic growth in the region by promoting the recruitment of staff in the area.

Our values

The focus of the company is on providing superior service within the shortest possible time.

The company differentiates itself by requesting that in their daily lives the employees apply the values of cleanliness, quality of customer service, an attitude of respect between them and between them and the customers, and of leadership, all in the spirit of a united family where everyone is open to differences and cooperation.

The history of Sanivac

In 1961 the Soviet Union sent the first man into space and Quebec gradually awoke to the ''Quiet Revolution''. This year also marked the beginning of a great adventure for John Kelly. In his little house in Ile Perrot, west of Montreal, he made a request for the septic tank to be emptied. The company he contacted was not available for 2-3 weeks. This delay would have a fundamental impact on the future of his family. Montreal printing technician and part-time policeman in Ile Perrot, John Kelly also dreamt of one day having his own business. With such a long wait for the emptying of the septic tank, he noted there was a lack of contractors in this nebulous and mysterious sector. Not afraid of the ridicule associated with this type of service and demonstrating great ingenuity, Mr. Kelly purchased a used truck with a tank for heating oil to be used as a vacuum truck. John Kelly learned fairly quickly and at his own expense that life can be full of pitfalls. After replacing the tank which collapsed under the effects of the suction and changing its system, Kelly Sani-Vac was officially launched.

The first person John Kelly hired was his wife, Josée Serrurier, as a receptionist. Her job was to search for customers by leafing through the phonebooks. In 1963, John Kelly optimized his expertise by offering a new complementary service to that of emptying septic tanks, that of the installation and replacement of septic tanks. The early 1970s was notable for the marked increase in the amount of excavation work. From 1972 to 1978, John and Josée's four sons, namely Mark, Dennis, Patrick and Daniel, joined their parents in the continuation of this great adventure. With this young team at his side, John Kelly took full advantage of their old septic tank installation equipment and made new acquisitions to provide additional services, such as commercial and municipal snow plowing. 1985 was a turning point for the Kelly family. Snow plowing was set aside to make way for drain cleaning. This new activity is now largely responsible for the reputation that Kelly Sani-Vac has attained.

On July 14, 1987, more than 100 mm of rain fell on Montreal in two hours, flooding much of the city. At the same time, the Kelly family was completing the construction of a new vacuum truck with two pumps, straight out of Dennis Kelly's imagination. The construction of the vacuum truck was complete, but it still needed to be painted. The emergency caused by the flood forced the Kelly brothers to use the truck which was still a steel shell. The truck was so in demand that it took more than a year before it could bear the white, orange and red markings that have always distinguished Kelly Sani-Vac. That same year, the four brothers took over the assets of Kelly Sani-Vac. John let the new generation take over the wheel but still kept a watchful eye over the action from his house just across the street on Boulevard Perrot in Notre-Dame-de l'Île-Perrot. Sometimes a single word or a simple phrase was enough to direct and reassure his sons in finding the future path of the company.

In 1994 they expanded the scope of their activities, beginning in the spring with the purchase of 28 portable toilets. The idea worked so well that they ended the summer with more than 80 toilets. Since that time, the number of toilets has increased to more than 3,000, incorporating many different types of unit. After only two years working in this field, they were awarded the contract for the "Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix", a contract they have subsequently won several times. Whether it is in a park, for a festival or on a construction site, you no longer see a chemical toilet, now you see a "Sanivac".

The first years of the new millennium represented great changes in both technological and economic progress. The Kelly family was also affected. John's first garage on Boulevard Perrot, which had been too small for a long time, was no longer sufficient. 2001 witnessed the big move into the Notre-Dame-De-L'Île-Perrot Industrial Park. The market share of Kelly Sani-Vac continued to increase across all sectors and the new building quickly became too small, so in 2006 a new building was erected behind the first. Progress continued to accelerate and in 2011 the building at the rear was enlarged to triple its capacity. This now allowed for all the equipment to be kept under one roof. These years were not only notable for the added facilities, new equipment was also added and newer vehicles replaced the old fleet. Kelly Sani-Vac now has more than 75 service vehicles and trailers on hand to meet its growing customer base.

Kelly Sani-Vac always aims higher, but will never be far from you when you need help.
Kelly Sani-Vac aims to go further, but will always be closer to its customers.
Kelly Sani-Vac aims always bigger, but will always be the small dream that came true for John Kelly.

It is being forced to forge ahead, never shrinking from problems or obstacles, and supporting the changes in society and technology, that has strengthened the Kelly family and helped develop a corporate structure worthy of the great entrepreneurs. Kelly Sani-Vac works in harmony and with concern for the fragile environment. The company does so out of respect for the environment since the laws regulating it have been as a result of evolution, rather than enforcement.